About Us

All the pieces included in this site are originals, and are only from artists that have pieces hanging in recognised museums.

We have included ONLY “Museum Quality” pieces and Fine Art.

For each piece of art we have including some or all of the following information:

PHOTO:  A photo of the piece of art
ARTIST NAME: The artist’s name
TITLE:  The Title of the piece of art
YEAR:  The year the piece of art was completed
MEDIUM:  Paint & base type used to execute the piece
IMAGE SIZE:  The size in millimetres
SIGNATURE:  If the piece is originally signed by the artist & where
DOCUMENTATION:  Certificate of Authenticity (CoA) and/or working photos
CATALOGUE:  Issued by either the artist, gallery, agent or Community
BOOK ILLUSTRATED:  Denotes the piece of art as illustrated in a book and/or catalogue
AIAM:  Australian Indigenous Art Market ranked artist & market rating
PROVENANCE:  All other documentation relating to this artwork/artist
PRICE:  In Bitcoin / US Dollars
SPECIAL NOTES:  Important references on the artist and/or the piece of art
AWARDS:  Important award/s won by the artist and/or the piece of art
GALLERY PRICE:  Current Gallery pricing for the artist
AUCTION RESULTS:  Top ten artworks for this artist sold at auction
ARTIST BIOGRAPHY:  Brief biographical information on artist



ARTIST: Must be a listed and well documented artist.
SIZE: Size does matter in art… as a general rule, the larger the piece, the higher the price.
QUALITY: Known on the market as “Museum Quality” pieces of art. The very best examples painted by that artist in their career.
PROVENANCE: This comes in many forms… Good provenance includes, but is not limited to; Certificate of Authenticity (CoA) / photos of works / working photos (when available) / life of artist / professional accomplishments / awards / collections both in Australia and Internationally / major exhibitions held by the artist / sales records and results / bibliography on books, articles and essays published on or by the artist / references and numerous other factors.

We have also omitted to comment on each piece of art with reference to its importance in the artist’s career (if any) and in relation to its’ cultural significance and artist’s “Dreaming”. Again, this information is readily available on request.